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Levi Park
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Are you pet friendly? Is there a dog minding service nearby?

Yes, at Levi Park Caravan Park Adelaide we allow small dogs only on powered sites at our Manager's discretion.

There are 8 sites only and they back onto the oval where you can exercise your pet.  There are 2 access gates.  Pets can only be walked through the park in August Parade or Belt Avenue which provides access to the River Torrens Linear Trail where you can walk either side of the river for many kilometers.

Prior bookings are essential and a daily fee applies.

If you want to spend some time around Adelaide without your pet, then Dogcity Daycare is available. 

Located in Kent Town, a few kilometers away, doggie daycare centre offer outstanding facilities with half day or full day care.  The experience and service standards set them above the rest.  Dogcity Daycare can help you and your dog by:

  • encouraging positive socialization and safe play with both dogs and people
  • reducing negative behaviour like barking, digging and chewing
  • facilitating exercise and stimulation during the day so that evenings are restful for everyone
  • even leave your pet for a half day while you explore the city shops and attractions

Visit their website for more information.  Dogcity Daycare Kent Town.

As an alternative, you could try a Doggie Boarding Home for day stays, overnight or longer term accommodation.  It is a secure private property adjacent to Port Adelaide.  Bring your own doggy bed and food or negotiate.  This facility is for small dogs only at a cost of $15 per day.  Phone Trevor 08 8240 4736 or 0401 284 552.


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